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Join our FireWire campaign
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Without a digital input on FireWire equipped carmcorders, the only way to get perfect digital editing results is to buy an additional piece of equipment - a digital VCR costing £800 or more. We think this is wrong and we know that many of our readers believe the same.

Send in the petition in Computer Video magazine or follow the steps below if you would like us to pass on your views about this state of affairs to the UK Government, the European Commission and all the digital camcorder makers.

Read through the following text we have prepared. Then, if you agree with it, follow the steps below.

"Digital camcorders represent one of the most significant developments in the history of video photography. I believe that by not offering digital camcorders with a digital input, as well as output, camcorder makers working under outdated EU regulations are holding back the market. I would like to be able to buy a digital camcorder that has a digital input, as well as a digital output, even if there is a slight premium in price over output-only models, but believe that no such premium is justified."

Step One
Copy the text above. And click here send an e-mail to the editor of Computer Video Magazine, Bob Crabtree. Paste the text into the body of the e-mail and add your name after it. Once received, the message will be logged by the magazine and sent out to camcorder makers.

Step Two
Copy the text above and print it out. Add your name and address and send the completed letter to: The Minister for Trade Competitiveness, House Of Commons, London, SW1A OPW.

Thanks for your support! See Computer Video magazine for the latest on how the campaign is going.