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Computer Video magazine reprints
Computer Video magazine's technical experts have tested dozens of products. Make sure you read their verdicts before parting with your money. Using our Test Reprints Service, you can request a copy of any article...

1 Read through the list below to find the test date of the equipment you're considering buying. Then, write the test date, product name and model number on a piece of paper with your name, full address and daytime telephone number.
2 Make out a cheque or postal order payable to WVIP for 3 GB pounds per reprint required. If you live outside the UK, the cost is 4 GB pounds (sterling cheque). Postage is included.
3 Send it, together with an A4-sized stamped self-addressed envelope, to: Computer Video Reprints, WVIP, 53-79 Highgate Rd, London NW5 1TW. Your reprint will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
A complete listing of all the articles printed in Computer Video Magazine is available for download in several small file formats. Choose one below, then click on the right button of your mouse and select 'Save Target As'...
Contents1.txt (132KB)
Contents2.xls (254KB)
Contents3.wk4 (268KB)
Contents4.pdf (93KB)

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