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In Software Downloads:
Adobe Premiere 6 (trial)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (trial)

Tips and Advice:
How to get started with computer video editing

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Tips And Advice
Use these sites and forums for computer video tips, help and files...

Fast Forum - new forum for users of FAST's editing products, which is called the FUser Forum

Miro forums - Pinnacle's own forums include chat on the DC30/DC30 Plus, DC50, Occam and Reeltime/Nitro

Official Adobe Premiere forum - Adobe's own user-to-user forums
Pinnacle's Studio 400 Video Editing Tips - covering General advice, Set-up, Capture, Editing and Make movie. Packed with info undocumented elsewhere - and workarounds for the current 'problems' and limitations
Codec Central Includes a basic overview, aimed at people new to codecs and architectures, plus information on and samples of the most popular codecs and architectures.
Wrigley Video - Curt Wrigley's free and rather wonderful tutorials on Adobe Premiere. Be warned, though, you'll almost certainly want to download and view them all, they really are that good (and Curt gets no financial assistance from Adobe, shame on them!)
Digital Video (DV) Frequently Asked Questions by David Dennis Questions addressed include: Can I make money with DV equipment? Is Digital Video (DV) the format for me? What relationship does DV have with the popular DVD discs? What are the advantages of digital tape? What are all the digital formats? How will still images captured from video look on the web? What should I look for in a camera? Where should I buy my camera? Where should I buy my capture board/editing system? I want to make a movie. Should I use film or video? What's the difference in quality between DV and professional formats? Can I use digital formats with my existing linear editing setup What sort of disk drive do I need for video editing? How do I capture DV video into my computer? What does FireWire actually do? Are there alternatives? What are some of the differences between FireWire cards? What do I get when I spend tons of money, like on an AVID system? How can I save disk space during non-linear editing? How do I sharpen my captured images?
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